26th of October

It ends in a downward fashion, as expected… The mean temperature is descending fast, so the path is getting quite close to the last three now.

Soon this path will enter a new phase. Fugitive, as most paths are, this one will probably slowly disappear. I don’t think any locals will take over to keep the path open. Why would they? This path has no clear function. It doesn’t lead to somewhere and it is not a short cut. This path occurred one day as from nowhere, started in the middle of the turf, and will stop there as well. A short thread in the weave of time. It will soon be gone.

15th of October

This project is heading towards its end. There are still four weeks left of the 20 week exhibition period though. I have trampled a path which is now, with all its windings, divisions and loops, about one hundred meters long. I will prolong the path with four new meters until the 5th of November. The mean temperature is going down quite fast now. The line will probably end quite close to the last plane three.

This is a Google maps image with the five plane threes. I added a temperature curve, drawn by hand. Blue is zero degrees Celsius. The orange curve shows, left to right, the mean temperature on a weekly basis, from January through today, the 15th of October. The path is based on this curve. I have hoped for Google to take an image of the path from above, but not yet.

8th of October

I solved the trouble, partly formulated as a cry for help on where I should go. I realized it was a missing movement before the division, a smaller convulsion which gives way for a larger one. This may sound theoretical, but is indeed very concrete and linked to the practice of walking and drawing. It makes sense when I walk the path. It’s physical.