24th of June

Ways of walking

People ask me, How do you walk? Maybe a strange question, a simple answer would be that I just walk. But that isn’t entirely true. It is a good question. I realize that I walk in several different ways or modes.

The aim is to make marks by walking. I walk naturally with a gap between my feet of approximately 10 centimeters. That makes a trail which is about 26-32 centimeters wide. This is the general mode I use when I walk. But I also want to make parts of the trail narrower. Then I walk with a foot just in front of the other which makes a trail that vary in width from 6-12 centimeters. It is two very different ways of walking.

Usually, when I start a walking session, I walk with my concentration on the ground. I’m very cautious about where to put my feet to make the trail I want. After a while I know where to put them and then I start to walk much faster. Then I just walk, with a flow. It’s necessary to walk fast or I will not get finished. I know where to put my feet. Some plants pop up and kind of say; I’m here so don’t put your feet on me. So I don’t. The trail develops in an organic way in that sense. I can see that the trail gets deeper in the curves than in the straighter parts of the path. It gets deeper probably because the shoes are put at an angle in the curves.
I get the flow but then I meet some resistance when it comes to new parts of the line. The line is prolonged every week with some half a meter. When I come to this new part to be walked, I have to stop up and walk very differently, to be able to find the new direction for that new part. I have no guide, just an idea of where the new middle temperature point is to be placed. That’s where I shall go, and I walk there seeking my steps. It’s just half a meter, maybe that’s the difficult thing. And it differs.