28th of June

When I walk fast I go with the flow. When I come to the end of the line I go a little bit further, a bit like if braking, slowing down is not part of the (drawing of) the line. The line (and the making of the line) consist of that movement which is the walk. Slowing down is not, so it happens outside of the area where the line is supposed to be (..come). A somewhat similar thing happens when I prolong the line in new, un-walked grass. I know where the line is going to stop, but to make that happen I have to walk a little bit further. It makes me wonder if drawing by walking on grass is a question of saturation. It can be compared with drawing with a pencil on a very heavy embossed paper. To make a mark on such a surface, leaving graphite only on the tops, one has to draw the pencil a little bit further than where the line is supposed to end.