5th of July

After a long period of draught and hot, sunny weather, there has been a lot of heavy rain. It affects the trail in different ways. The grass gets green and wants to grow of course, and I experience a lot of energy and resistance from the plants. It demands more walking from me to maintain the path. The humidity has also changed the ground in the path a bit. There is only mud in some parts of the path now but there are also many plants which grow in the pathway.

I also saw today that the edges have become a bit ragged. I realized today that I need to be very meticulous to maintain the shape of the edges. It became a new walking fashion, I can call it contouring. I use the left edge of the shoes soles to land the outer edge of the sole exactly on the edge of the path. When I go in the other direction and still keep my focus on the left side, the other side of the pathway will be contoured as well.